FIFA 19 is a version new in the series of simulation games for FIFA’s epic matches. In it, players will become a favourite football player to directly participate in tournaments across the globe. The matches will be organized in an 11 vs 11 lineups, the rules will still be the same as in the other versions (the winner is the team with more goals when the time is up). The difference here is that the time for each match has been increased so that players can enjoy their match or have the opportunity to equalize for their team. To win in each match, your character must be proficient in the basic skills in soccer and must also have reasonable tactics to help defeat the opponent more easily. Therefore, to support the players, the game has provided voice chat feature to help members of the newspaper team can easily devise tactics and cooperate with each other. The special version this time is rated higher than the previous version thanks to the graphics have been upgraded to a great level can satisfy every player.