Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4)

It’s a familiar name for veteran gamers in the open-world role-playing genre, who once stormed the video game industry. Grand Theft Auto IV, better known as GTA 4, was released in 2008 on all three Xbox, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows systems. The game is set in the United States in 2008, including two cities named Liberty and Alderney, which were designed and rebuilt by the manufacturer ROCKSTAR GAMES based on the previous GTA series: GTA III, GTA. Liberty City Stories … At the beginning of the game, you will transform into the main character named Niko Bellic, a foreigner from Yugoslavia who illegally came to the United States with empty and white hands. settled down there. After long and long days aboard Platypus, he finally pursued his dream of America and reunited with his cousin, Roman, in Liberty City. Let’s explore an extremely open world of the beautiful Liberty City, transform into Niko and help him find a new life in this completely foreign country.