The Last of Us

The Last Of Us is a fascinating and exciting adventure, action, survival game developed by a famous game maker Naughty Dog and published by Sony Entertainment. This is a game with a very thrilling storyline, attracting players with challenging challenges but equally interesting. The Last Of Us is known by many players around the world and is greatly praised by the dramatic gameplay along with the authenticity of the graphics quality in this game. The plot of the game tells the story of an epidemic caused by a parasitic fungus, which has spread throughout the United States and turns humans into ferocious creatures and destroys their own kind. In the escape from the disease of three brave people Joel, Tommy, and Sarah met many difficulties that hindered them. Your task in this game is to play as one of the three of them to escape the terrible epidemic that has swept across beautiful America. Challenge your own feelings and experience the “hot” game right away. Join hands to help them escape this frightening disease and help them return home safely.